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Embrace the Smart Home

Smart home technology has become a standard fixture in homes today. The high demand for smart home upgrades provides a unique business advantage for HVAC contractors. By offering your customers the service of installing smart home products to create a fully-customized connected home solution, you can grow your bottom line with the smart home market that is projected to post revenue growth of over 90 percent by 2023*. With Ferguson HVAC, your business can thrive through smart home product support. Contact us to see how we will help you to become a connected home expert and drive your business into the future.


A major selling factor of smart home products is the energy savings they offer. By pointing out the fact that your customers can save long-term on utility costs by investing in your connected home services, they’ll see why smart home technology is the smart choice not only for the environment but also their wallet.


Smart thermostats make it easy for customers to cut heating and cooling costs. While different brands boast unique features, smart thermostats “learn” your customers’ climate preferences to ensure optimal performance. Because they’re part of the HVAC systems you’re already servicing, smart thermostats are a simple way for you to transition into the connected home market. An added bonus for your customer is the fact that many utility companies offer rebates or discounts if consumers participate in energy demand programs.

Pro tip: Use our smart thermostat guide to better understand how to help your customers pick the best model for their needs.



Empower your customers to take control of their home safety and security by offering to install smart security devices that connect seamlessly through Wi-Fi. Your customers will have the peace of mind of knowing that they can monitor their property 24/7 through their mobile device.


Being locked out of the home can be a thing of the past for your customers through the installation of smart locks. Plus, smart locks can sync with other smart fixtures like lights so that your customers never come home in the dark.



Help your customers say goodbye to smoke alarms beeping at 2 a.m. and hello to sophisticated smoke / CO detectors that speak the alert inside the home and notify the homeowner via smartphone notification when they’re outside the home.



Connected water leak solutions provide peace of mind for your customers – sensors can detect when an appliance or fixture is leaking, and some can even turn the water off remotely. These products notify the homeowner in the event of a leak and can help them save money and headache from water damage. Insurance companies offer rebates and discounts when these are installed.


Installing smart technology throughout the home can help your customers make the most of life in the digital age. From the basement to the ceiling, combine a range of smart products in every room of the house to deliver a higher level of home awareness for your customers.


Whether your customers want to keep package thieves at bay or just check on their pets while they’re at work, smart security cameras make it easy to monitor the home. Couple security cameras with speakers to put an additional set of eyes and ears on your customers’ property.



Video doorbells provide a first look at who is knocking (and more importantly, not knocking) on your customer’s front door. Alerts go right to the smartphone or can be announced through a voice assistant speaker to give awareness to the entry into the home.



Smart voice assistants are the simple solution for customers who have their hands full. With a wide range of models to choose from, smart voice assistants serve as a virtual home concierge.



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*Per Statista