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Connected TechTip: Wall Switch/Dimmer Switch & Instant Switch by iDevices.

How iDevices can minimize germ spread & exposure:

  • The iDevices Wall Switch, Dimmer Switch & Instant Switch can minimize the regular contact we have when turning on lights or other fixtures, ultimately minimizing the spread and exposure of germs.
  • These devices provide the consumer with the convenience of controlling their lighting, ceiling fans, and electric fireplaces from anywhere using the iDevices app, Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Potential for Energy Savings:

  • Energy saving devices, such as the smart switches, provide the homeowner with convenient and easily accessible control over their homes electricity usage.
  • This Wall Switch can replace any standard light switch, allowing for single pole setup or use multiple wall switches for 3- and 4- way functionality.
Wall Switch (IIDEV0008) & Dimmer Switch (IIDEV0009) Features:

  • Easy Installation
Instant Switch (IIDEV0020) Features:

  • Easy installation—no wires required
  • Voice Control
  • Voice Control
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Uses wireless bluetooth
  • No Hub required
  • Includes custom faceplate or fits any standard rocker plate
  • Remote Access
  • Remote access
  • Fits any standard gang box
  • Battery Operated- 2 yr battery life
  • Customizable LED night light
  • Compatible with any dimmable bulb
  • Opportunity to create 3- or 4- way control by pairing with the Dimmer Switch
  • Requires a compatible iDevices product
  • Create schedules, scenes & control multiple homes
  • Platform compatibility: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit


You can find a short video highlighting the features of the these Switches HERE.

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