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Connected Tech Tip: Why Ting?

Ting is a connected fire safety device that detects electrical fire hazards prior to them becoming life or property threatening events. Ting is not just a piece of hardware – it is a 24/7 subscription based monitoring service that makes sure a home is protected from electrical fires.  Below are a few benefits that you, the contractor, can have from offering Ting to your homeowners.

Contractor Benefits:

  • Contractors who have an electrical license (a requirement to be a Ting contractor) will have peace of mind knowing nuisance truck rolls will be nonexistent thanks to the $1,000 labor credit provided by Whisker Labs for any hazards they detect. This credit will be paid directly to the contractor by Whisker Labs at the contractor’s normal rates.
  • Since Ting is a subscription service, not just a piece of hardware, contractors can easily build reoccurring revenue without having to visit the home. It is a easy way to build revenue and equity in a business with minimal effort!
  • Ting is not available through big box retail like Home Depot or Lowe’s so homeowners will have to go through the Pro Channel or Ting’s website in order to have this product. And installation takes less than five minutes!
  • Access to a dashboard showing all the Ting’s installed and data on the home gives contractors opportunities to upsell things like generators or whole home surge protectors if they notice a certain home has a higher rate of surges, brown outs, or black outs.
  • Compared to other connected products, margins are very healthy with Ting. Contractors pay $202 for the first year (giving them a margin of $147 per Ting sold) and $49 every year after (giving them a margin of $50).

Additional Information on Ting Available here:

For more information on how Ting works, you can watch this video.

Ting by Whisker Labs Video

Whisker Labs Ting Detects Major Electrical Fire Hazard Video

Ting Electrical Fire Prevention – Case Study Video

Ting Contractor FAQs