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Connected Tech Tip: Ting Contractor Win

Ting is a connected fire safety device that detects electrical fire hazards prior to them becoming life or property threatening events. Ting is not just a piece of hardware – it is a 24/7 subscription based monitoring service that makes sure a home is protected from electrical fires.  Below are a few benefits that you, the contractor, can have from offering Ting to your homeowners.   Below is a story from a contractor where their customer’s home was saved  by the Ting technology.

Contractor Win – TE Certified

I wanted to update you on a Ting save yesterday at a home in Roswell, GA.  Ting detected arcing in this home…we engaged with GA contractor, TE Certified to visit the home and perform mitigation services.  The electrician, while working with our FireOps team, was able to quickly locate the arcing to inside of the electrical panel.  As you can imagine this is extremely dangerous and could result in a deadly fire.  Thankfully, Ting prevented what would have been a devastating fire for this homeowner and the homeowner is thrilled.

It’s also a big win for the contractor – TE Certified was paid by Whisker to visit the home and as a result of what Ting detected, they have instructed the homeowner that the entire panel needs to be replaced which is a $3k – $5k order for TE Certified.

– Jenny Gregory, VP of Operations, Whisker Labs

Additional Information on Ting Available here:

For more information on how Ting works, you can watch this video.

Ting by Whisker Labs Video

Whisker Labs Ting Detects Major Electrical Fire Hazard Video

Ting Electrical Fire Prevention – Case Study Video

Ting Contractor FAQs