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Day & Night® Portable OptiClean™ Air Scrubber

Cleans Contaminated Air Using HEPA Filtration

Ahh…Fall. Crisp air. Leaves changing colors. Back to school. As students and teachers return to school this year, they have new COVID-19 precautions to consider. Schools and school districts around the country are making decisions about how to safely reopen. 

The new Day & Night® OptiClean Air Scrubber can help school systems maintain cleaner and healthier indoor air quality in classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, restrooms and more. It draws air from inside the space, removes many contaminants and discharges cleaner air using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration.1

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Similar to the OptiClean Negative Air Machines launched in April to assist hospitals create isolation rooms for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, the OptiClean 600-cfm and 1500-cfm Air Scrubbers are portable and well suited for individual classroom use. 

Day & Night OptiClean units plug into a standard wall outlet and use a 99.97% efficient, long-life HEPA filter to significantly reduce the presence of contaminants in the air. OptiClean units exceed the ASHRAE® school reopening recommendation2 that portable electric HEPA machines be introduced into each classroom and provide a minimum of two air changes per hour.3

One 600-cfm unit can adequately clean the air in an average-sized classroom (e.g., 600 sq. ft.). The 1500-cfm model is designed for larger spaces (e.g., 1500 sq. ft.). And, multiple units can be used for even bigger areas. Both models come equipped with low-, medium-, and high-switches to easily adjust the airflow to the needs of the room.

Day & Night engineers have developed an OptiClean Sizing and Selection Tool that helps dealers determine the number of units necessary for the space and/or the number of desired air changes per hour. Click here to access the OptiClean Sizing and Selection Tool.

Taking only three-square feet of floor space when installed vertically, OptiClean Air Scrubbers can be placed conveniently in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, or gymnasiums. They can also be placed horizontally for application flexibility.

As students and teachers head back to school, the new Day & Night OptiClean Air Scrubber can help them maintain cleaner and healthier indoor air quality in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, restrooms and more. Click here for additional information on the Day & Night OptiClean 600-cfm and 1500-cfm Air Scrubbers.
3 When properly specified.
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