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Get the app that every tech is talking about!

Bluon is the largest and fastest-growing HVAC community on the planet. Today, 42% of all technicians in the United States are on Bluon. This app is designed to be more than an app for those in the HVAC industry, it is a support system.

Over 300,000 Models
There are many ways the Bluon app makes the day-to-day life of an HVAC technician easier. Starting with its vast library of units. Bluon’s library of units consists of over 300,000 models. Within these units, Bluon offers the original manuals and wiring diagrams for each, so that information straight from the manufacturer is always at your fingertips.

Parts Lists NEW!
Bluon goes even further than manuals, the parts, including part numbers and specs, are available for many units, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have the correct part. The parts lists on Bluon will even show aftermarket parts for when OEM may not be an option.

Order from Ferguson HVAC
Once Bluon helps you find the parts you need, the app will even help you order the parts from your nearest Ferguson HVAC, saving you countless hours of driving to supply house after supply house or calling around looking for somewhere with the part.

Discussion | Forum
Need advice or want to share your knowledge? Join Bluon’s discussion forums where you can have your HVAC questions answered and answer other technicians’ questions. The Forum is organized with tags allowing you to search for posts regarding specific issues and model types.

If you do not have time to wait for answers on the forum, Bluon offers 24/7 live support from experienced HVAC technicians. Bluon also offers training and certifications on the app, as well as pro hacks to give tips and tricks to technicians. The Bluon app even has multiple tools and calculators built-in including superheat & subcool calculators, airflow diagnostics, pressure set points and more.

Join the largest HVAC community and set Ferguson HVAC as your preferred supplier by downloading the Bluon app for free today.