Tech Tips

April 9, 2020

Tech Tip: Stuck TXV

For proper Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) operation, there needs to be a solid column of liquid refrigerant of feeding the TXV.  If there is no subcooled refrigerant, TXV operation maybe erratic and super heat will be high. To confirm the expansion valve is opening and closing there are a few methods.  One of the easiest […]

April 9, 2020

Tech Tip: Swamp Cooler Purge

During a normal cooler cycle, water evaporates.  Dirt, chemicals, and minerals are left behind in the cooler.  The concentration of these contaminates in the water will continue to build.  Eventually the water will become so contaminated, scale will build up in the cooler media pad, pump, water distribution system, and housing.  How quickly the evaporative […]

April 7, 2020

Connected Tech Tip: Google Nest Wifi

With so many people working from home, having a strong and reliable WiFi network is more valuable than ever! A traditional, single router has relatively limited coverage and tends to become spotty the farther away you are. Extenders can add a bit more range, but they degrade performance. Nest Wifi is a scalable system that […]

March 2, 2020

Tech Tip: Compressor Common – Run – Start

Have you ever been in a situation where the compressor you were working on was not properly labeled and you were unsure of which terminal was “Common”, “Run”, or “Start”?  There is a way to determine what leads are by measuring ohms. Safety First!  Remove all power to unit and properly lock out.  It is […]

March 2, 2020

Tech Tip: Pressure Switch

The furnace pressure switch is a safety control that is designed to prove that combustion air is flowing though the heat exchanger and combustion exhaust byproducts are vented out the flue.  The pressure switch is a normally open set of contacts. The contacts will close when the pressure in the induced draft blower housing has […]